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Bass fishing from Bristol

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I am based in Bristol and started bass fishing with lures in May. I mainly fish in North Devon as I have family there but no longer want to limit my fishing to when i am visiting them. My question is therefore, where is the closest water that is worth fishing for bass to Bristol?
Any suggestions at all would be great
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Spent years trying flies and lures in the estuary with no luck. They're there and occasionally you may get a follow on a popper! I don't think you'll catch a lot but just one will probably be the most rewarding bass you'll catch!

My spirits have been broken, mainly by the mullet and so I couldn't possibly face the adventures!

However I hope you crack them! I know of a couple of lure caught fish from up that way so it is possible!

Good luck,
Adam (wus) ;)
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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