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About time I had me another bass!!

Short report as i'm home for my lunchbreak.

Met up with JP as i thought he might be at the mark and we checked stuff for the pollack, not a lot going on. He left, I moved to some gullies for the fast flowing outgoing tide where it runs out of the gullies.

Ttried several lures with my more normal HRF approach (Infeet and up to 7g heads) and decided that it wasn't going to work. i could hear the fish splashing, I knew they were there somewhere so i rigged a weedless weightless Pafex Sagat in Paillette Noir on a 3/0 offset worm hook, I find they hook up much better and act almost like a circle hook, always hooked in the scissors.

After a few runs through (let the tide take it on a slack line, bail arm off, listening to the line leave the reel and stopping with a finger now and then to twitch very gently and hold in the tide) with the tide I felt a gentle cuttle like pull, lifted the rod, heavy weight and a fish took off using the strong flow to it's advantage, surfacing some way out in the tide.

one of those fish who like to swirl about and thrash on the surface.

Quite good fun working it back through the now incredible flow of water and to my hand where I got my thumb in it's mouth.

And here he is.

Puched well above his weight in the tide and weighed in at only 2lb 15oz so short on wiehgt for the club but never mind... The bass are back!!



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