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Bass ~ Summary of recent Emergency Measures introduced by the EU Commission for European Sea Bass

In response to a succession of poor spawning years for bass and unsustainable levels of fishing mortality (currently 4 times the sustainable level) the EU Commission have introduced a number of emergency measures for 2015 in an effort to halt the decline in stocks.

Recreational daily bag limit introduced from 29th March 2015 –

A new bag limit of three fish per-person-per-day for recreational catches of bass was made law by the European Commission.

Recreational fisheries are defined by this legislation as. “ non-commercial fishing activities exploiting marine living aquatic resources such as for recreation, tourism or sport”. The bag limit applies to all recreational catches, from shore and from boats, using rod and line, nets, spearguns or other fishing gears where the catch is retained for personal consumption and not sold.

Reduction in commercial bass landings from 1st July 2015 –

The implementation of vessel catch limits for bass and a prohibition on retaining bass in the Celtic Sea came into force.

The revised (lower) monthly catch limits are anticipated to have an average impact of decreasing sea bass landings for pelagic trawlers by approximately 60 %, for hooks and line fisheries by 6% for demersal vessels by 22%.

From 1st September - An increase in the minimum size for northern sea bass from 36 to 42 cm (nose to tip of tail).

The new rule applies to both commercial and recreational fishermen.

These measures will be reviewed and further measures are anticipated to come into effect for 2016
and a Long Term Management Plan for bass introduced to avert the total collapse of the bass stock.

A more detailed summary can be found here:
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