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Basswalker using THE FORCE !!

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The pic below is my pb, 4lb 7oz

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Superb young Luke, taught you well the master has.
Blinding season Young Luke, fantastic effort for a little-'un - I am glad I was be able to help you to a PB! All you got to do now is get those front teeth to grow in (still, Xmas soon if you know what I mean? Dad will explain the "joke" if not!) for next year's pictures. By all means become a Bass Leg-End, just don't behave like some of the other leg-ends please!
Fantastic stuff Luke,keep it up.By the way if you want a hand to sort out the bloke who knocked your teeth out, i'm sure we'd all :D
Hi Luke
great pic's sir

my Ann say's you look realy cute in those waders

well done sir dai

p,s, do you give lessons
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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