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Evening all,
So I'm Jim.
Beach fished for years. Saltwater.
As many of us did over lockdown we wondered the interwebs and now find ourselves stock piling on bits on hard or soft plastic and throwing it water bound in the hope of a species to take the imitation on offer.

I started standing arm pit deep, waders full of water in the search for silver slabs in salt water with an English born, American bass angler way before lockdown.

Only recently has it clicked.
All the hours spent studying spots to fish for bass, starting to pay off.
And it's been wicked fun.
Taken over my thoughts when not doing it.
The conversation between me and my English American mate started a swing towards what saltwater anglers annoyingly refer to as the darkside.
The bass are here all year round, but when winter comes it's quite alot more difficult to find them, what else is there to do during the winter with a rod and lure?
I came up with the idea that we should search out pike, perch, club and zander on rivers and canals during the winter. On lure.

And so it brings me full circle.
Loads of time match fishing on beaches, turned into less time doing that and more time searching for that illusive massive bass on lure and now I find myself wondering my local rivers looking for freshwater predators.

Got a lot to ask, alot to join in on and alot to soak up.

I'll be in and out of the forum now and again.
A recent 12 week addition to my new family has slowed my love for water and rods, but believe me a still find time to get out amongst the hectic home life.

Male. 34 years old. Work for sky TV and live near Southampton.
Joined a angling club and fish the stour, avon, frome across southern Dorset.

Catch you all soon.

Oh, yeah, the title name. Nothing to do with the post. I know 😊
Thanks for accepting me into this forum.
Looking forward to some quality interaction.

Night all
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