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Belize flats...

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Spent yesterday fly fishing on the flats for Bonefish and Permit with my new best friend Chocolatte.
Sad to say that we didn't see any tarpon - not up early enough it seems for those guys.
Pleased to say we did see plenty of Bonefish and the odd Permit.
The Permit proved a very tricky customer and were mainly seen disappearing after some very clumsy casting - they are oh so spooky.
The Bonefish were are little more forgiving and under Chocolatte's guidance I managed to catch 10!! Biggest about 2 1/2 lbs - slimey beggars. They were amazing to catch on fly gear that once upon a time I might have used to catch still water trout - 9ft, 7 weight. (before I found bass)
I don't think I have ever caught faster swimming fish. It was brilliant. They are also an extremely pretty fish - amazing colours on the fins, my ham fisted pictures will not do them justice

The depressing bit is that I have to pack my bags now and come home... will be extremely sad to leave a truly great place.

Note to self: need to win lottery.
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Great post, can't wait to see the pictures :jump:
yes, get them pics up mate, glad you had a great time away.

Thanks for taking the time out to post that whilst on your honeymoon/holiday.

Looking forward to seeing the pics!
Nice one Greg, great to hear from you, looking forward to a few more sessions with you this year.
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