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I thought it might be useful to start a thread listing some of the species that we might come across in our travels and the gear we have used to successfully catch them. Then anyone travelling can get a bit of a head start when they get to their destination.

So please feel free to add species and gear or techniques that have proved successful.

Jack Crevalle,
Plugs and surface lures especially popper around the 100mm size, High speed retrieves. 15-20lb maninlines and 50lb shock/bite leaders. Reels need at least 250m of line.
Livebaits, drifted under a float also work well. As do slow trolled dead baits. When handling watch out for the line of sharp scales running from the wrist of the tail forward. They can cut, best handled with a gloves or a cloth.
Freelined and drifted under a float livebaits rule, when it comes to landing tarpon. be it mullet, crabs, google-eyes-tarpon readily eat them all. Plugs will draw lots of hits, but it can be hard to stay attached, as the hard mouth of a tarpon will give very poor hook holds with trebles-smaller tarpon much easier than larger tarpon.
Also SP's eith paddle or curly tail on a 7-14g jigheads are great for 5-20lb tarpon.
For tarpon up to 30lb 10lb mainlines and 30-40lb leader works well, scaling up to 20lb mainline and 80-100lb leaders for the big tarpon (up to 200lb). Hooks will need to be reprofiled, use a file to shape a cutting point, as normal hook points struggle to penetrate.No handling hazards, but the power/strength of larger tarpon requires careful handling.
Sight casting live shrimp and dollar crabs is easily the best way to catch them, but both fly and casting small slider jigheads works well. 8-10lb lines, and reels will need 200m of line on them. No Handling hazards
CRABS CRABS CRABS, easy to get with live crabs, Very hard on anything else. 8-12lb lines, and flurocarbon leader are perferred. No handling hazards
ANYTHING shiny retrieved at high speeds will definately get hit by cuda. Plugs, spoons, Tube lures, poppers all work. Wire leaders around 2' long and at least 60lb test are required, 10-16lb mainlines are fine, but in shallow water reels need 300m of line. Handling hazards, TEETH. Cuda are thrasher when removed from the water, so easier and safer to keep them in the water and use long nose pliers to unhook them. Be VERY careful at all times when handling them.
Will add some more later
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