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Big Flies ..Big Fish ?

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Hi all

I'm a salt-water fly fisher and fly tier .. I'll fly fish for anything but bass are my thing

On most of the UK forums I frequent, Anglers seem set on using what I class as small flies , I've never caught a bass on a clouser the smallest fly I've caught a Bass would be a 7" Flat wing .. Do any of the SWFF'ers on here use big flies ? or have you tried big flies without success ?

Jim Hendrick published an article in Irish Angler earlier in the year .. this is what he has to say about big flies

As far as I'm aware all the specimen ( 10lb plus) fish that have been caught by him in the past few years have all fallen to bigger flies

your views ?
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Peronally I wouldnt go above a size 2/0 and a 6" fly purely because of the difficulty in propelling a large budgie with the gear I like to fluff chuck, with

If I needed to go larger, I'd tie a generic baitfish in solely artificial materials, because of the water shedding abilities

As a bit of a purist, I'm not keen in artificials but they do the job.

I've never caught on my fav fly, Pete Grays Juicy Lucy - kind of a cross between a big flatwing and a Droopy - but I have high hopes

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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