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Hi all, what a great community I must say, keep up the good work!

Little about myself - I'm from EU waters, and I have been best friends with a fishing rod since I was 4 yrs old. Throughout the last almost 30 years I caught many different kinds of fish, but the good old pike has always been my thing for some reason... Anyone else feeling that weird attraction to the Northern that's just hard to explain?

Anyways, I'm crazy about pike enough to start a blog (hoping to leverage my webmaster skills on top). Yes, a blog about pike fishing. It's at the very beginning, as I've only posted one article so far, but still, for future reference, here's the link -

On top, since I'm not a native English speaker I've decided to outsource content writing from. So if any of you fishing enthusiasts feel like contributing to a new online resource about pikes, then do not hesitate and PM me right away. I'm willing to pay for the content you write on my topics!

Cheers everyone and happy fishing! Keep in touch
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