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Hi All

Well it is my birthday on Saturday, but we are off to Alska on a cruise which will include a salmon fishing trip, so I got my presents this morning.
The wonderful wife bought me 31 presents.

Well actually 21 and 10 sidewinder shimmer eels.

Included was some 15lb rovex braid (Tx Mr Fish for the special delivery) which I will be having put on my reel when I get back from holiday.
Has anyone got experience of using this and how did it fare ? I have never used braid before.

Also got a replacement tackle box, the same as the one I broke.

I got a little box of 4 plugs, which I am really interested to try they are a cheap collection but should be fun.

I also got some great South African sweets and a bunch of other stuff.

Man my wife is GOOD!!!!!
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