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Well after eating for England (and eating most of it as well) I decided i should go fishing to wear it off...

Started with the proper rod, the Abu Rocksweeper with a Patchinko II Cabot on the end. I forgot how far those things cast!! miles and miles...

Fishing one of our big tide marks but not ont he best tide, dropping tide and small neaps as well but there was some movement and the water looked ok, a bit brown but clear enough.

After working through the area, over gullies I knew where there and the route out of some pools, round each side and over the top of submerged heads, nada.

Got bored doing that and it's heavy work with a big rod like that so I moved on to my rockie bashing mark, rockies almost guaranteed with the odd cormorant thrown in :shock:

Started with a Sayori shad since it was pretty rough, trying to work it tight but lots of broken off kelp all over the place. Thought I felt a couple of knocks but nothing definitive so switched to the infeet and some homemade Xlayer style lures.

eventually I started to get a few knocks when i went back to the aniseed flavour in brown. the light brown licorice doesn't work (melted down DOA lures).

Then finally I got a fish on, tide well on the way down now.


Just a baby one. didn't do much as drag was set for the buster which I have lost twice now as I couldn't hold him. He didn't show up this time and it was hard to keep contact even with 10.5g due to floating weed and swell taking the line.

I moved back along to another rock and after sliding onto it, those rocks are the worst ones I have ever been on, you have to put feet inbetween them and wedge each footstep in (unless you have felt soles on which I didn't) and then be very careful when you have to stand up to cast and retrieve.

Had several very good knocks but couldn't get a hookup so it was end of day as dusk approached with just the one baby one to save the blank.

Fishing's getting harder here now. Just a few marks I know to fish well from now on and they need very specific conditions to "go off".

need to explre and hammer some other marks to find out if there are fish there I guess. I have spent a lot of time fishing the same marks on all states of tide and conditions and times of year to find out when they fish. Starting to pay off but the bass are proving harder than the rockies to nail down...


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Well done Andy, hope you enjoyed your birthday :p
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