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Went down Brighton way to hit a couple of Sussex marks - got down to meet Tunny and a friend of his at about 6.45am - weather was looking good for the day and after a brief walk down to the water (water temp is still around 13 degrees according to an offshore bouy) in the cold hopes were high!

Water was still a little coloured but worth a go - no joy on the first mark as day broke (think I had signs of a fish when I walked out on a concrete arm - large swirl about 15 yards from me but the lure was miles away!). We moved on to a lovely reefy mark for the outgoing tide - water was a little better colour wise but as the tide dropped it got a bit cloudier and cloudier with us jacking it in about 1300 hrs. Weather was good - sun and a bit of cloud and minimal wind ... great morning had but no show on the spikey front. Probably my last session of the year ... may give it a try in the new year weather dependant!
Will post a few pics later this evening!
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