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British Bass Tour 2010

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In some form or another, there IS going to be a British Bass Tour this year.

This will basically involve (whoever fancies it) fishing any number of planned 'meets' to earn points. And points mean prizes! (not cash!)

The main aim will be just to get as many of us as possible fishing the same area at the same time; travelling around a bit to enjoy different locations, generally having a laugh, catching, measuring and releasing fish over a certain length (probably 50cm). Points will then be awarded to each angler depending on their overall position (longest fish wins kind of thing) and the points you earn over any rounds you fish will be tallied up and hopefully leave you in a position to win some truly splendid prizes!! Wahooooooo!! Don't worry if you can't fish them all though (not many of us will!) because only your best 3 points scores will probably count! Maybe even only 2 if we have very few events - so it's not anything that you need to be 100% committed to. Just come along and fish as often as you can or want to!

You'l be able to track your results and progress on a new Bass Tour website where there will be pictures and reports from each round; along with results tables and current leader results.

Dates are yet to be arranged, especially early in the year, but Weymouth and Jersey Festivals are both likely to count as points scoring rounds. More events will be set up around the UK to enable as many of us as possible to meet up and have an enjoyable days fishing - most likely 24 hours from start to finish on non-festival (Jersey/Weymouth) events.

This is a 100% catch and release exercise so you will need to carry a measuring device. We're on the case trying to source a convenient method to help you do this easily and effectively with minimal effort or inconvenience. You'll also need to carry a camera so that you can take photos of any qualifying fishies you catch. Easy! We'll provide good examples and all of the information you need for this closer to the time. The first round isn't likely to take place until at least May.

There is likely to be a one-off entry fee - this will be somewhere around £25 but is yet to be confirmed as we try to keep it as low as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or message me for details. There are plenty of points still to be finalised but we will be able to tell you much more in time.

Anybody interested in fishing and wanting to get their name on one of the 2010 Trophies - just confirm below and we'll keep you posted with developments.

As this is the first year for such an event in the UK, we do expect it to start small, so don't be put off if it sounds too serious. Ability comes last in the order of Tour importance so no matter how long you've been lure fishing, join up and have a go!!
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Hopefully spread them out rather than all at the tail end of the season :D
Be good to get the first event organised for about May, Robert.

Definitely keen to spread them out Alex! Thumbs up!
I confirm (doing Jersey & Weymouth)
I also confirm (doing Jersey & Weymouth) .
Brilliant. Keep em comin guys. No real urgency but this should be good. As Keith says, lots going on on the background to get this rollin'.
Jersey, Weymouth and Guernsey. Wales too hopefully.
Weymouth and Jersey (x2) for me so far ... will probably be around for other rounds as and when they are announced :D
:-D Nice one Alex!
Guernsey and Jersey I guess for me. Look forward to seeing what you've come up with. Not been entirely keeping up with this topic.

I would also like to suggest a possible national roving event a bit like the National Mullet Club runs, weekend x, fish anywhere in the "country" and it counts??

Just a suggestion to get more people on board maybe.
Cool. I'm a bit out of the Geurnsey loop Andy, but who organises it all over there? If they're happy for this to work in the background then it'll be a good to include Guernsey. Thats one of the good things about this - it can easily just be fished in the background of any event without causing any hassle for the main organisers. Even if they'e not interested in helping, al it needs is for somebody like me to look at the results and spot where the Tour members have finished - awarding points to suit.

Do bear in mind that although there will probably be no minimum limit of events to fish, it will probably be something like "your best 3 scores to count". So ideally each angler would fish 3 events minimum (although you don't have to). It depends really on how many events take place. As well as the festivals, other events will be organised for the Tour, but if for any reason that doesn't happen and we only have 4 events total, 2 points scores will probably be enough.

The Mullet idea sounds a good one. Although it might be a bit different to the Tour. There will always be room for different varieties of well managed competition though, so don't rule it out.

It is
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It's organised by the Guernsey Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (GBASS - link in my sig) I don't see that it matters if another event is on at the same time, depends on the rules etc, it's just co-incidence and useful to those who will fish both events or want to do both but can only do one trip. Our multi-species club normally work to have their weekend comps the same weekends as the bass festivals in those months.
Yes I'd be up for it. The costs of travelling might/could curtail activity possibly ?
Don't think the idea took off this year - could be go for 2011 tho'?
I'd certainly be interested Ben...we could still run Bumbles at the same time for those who don't want to travel and get to the required number of sessions.

I do have one question regarding the minimum size requirement??? Surely this is completely irrelevant in a 100% catch and release match or competition call it what you will. This is our set minimum size to kill and take which has no bearing what so ever on C&R. So why the hell are we limiting our selves to the bigger fish when we don't need to. Don't get me wrong there will always be a need to have an individual award for the best fish and this will always be a coveted prize but look at Weymouth how many fish caught versus those big enough to officially measure. Surely this would have made for a better competition?
Can I ask why is it not possible to measure all fish and include all caught Bass in the figures??

Devils advocate again.....Apologies Ben..
Trev, i think that the idea of a minimum size, is to discourage people from going schoolie-bashing !! As you know, it's a completely different kettle of fish to target a reasonable Bass versus schoolies, and within a competition setting, it's about making things more challenging.

That's my take on it anyway.
Well there you go....I don't think like that ..fortunately. I wouldn't think about deliberately targetting small Bass but isn't the minimum length still a bit too high?
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