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Me and the missus were having the usual summer hols wrangle last night. I had suggested Croatia but what with all the volcanic palarvar going on we've decided to stay in the Isles. i suggested Alderney for a couple of weeks but she's gone cold on that. She then said "how about mid-wales, somewhere in Cardigan bay, you could go fishing." That'll do me!:jump:

Cardigan Bay is massive, you could fit the IoM in quite neatly. Can anyone suggest a starting point? I might be able to borrow the folks' motorhome for the trip so we can get around.
I'd have to get a boat trip in, so any advice on good boat/skipper combinations would be useful too!
It'd be great to meet up with a bumbler or two as well.....



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Tim, anywhere from Fishguard, through Dinas Head up to Cardigan fishes well. My favourite areas are Aberporth up to Newquay. Around Llangrannog is awesome and a great spot for a holiday. There is a good bass guide in Newquay - Tim Harrison ( who does boat and shore trips. There are lots of marks north of Newquay to Aberaeron too so take your pick. If you come, let me know as I know a few marks I can show you. Somewhere near Cwm Tydu would be nice to base yourself. Newquay itself is mobbed in Summer and unless you like crowds of undesirables I would avoid it! Also look up Tresaith and PenBryn beaches. beautiful and never too crowded. Hope this whets your appetite! I have some photos on other threads too if you take a look.

Llangrannog looking across to Ynys Lochtyn


Lochtyn Bay
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