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carp on plastics or jigs

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i was only talking to keith (myfish) yesterday about taking carp on soft plastics/jigs

is it do-able ?

lets have some idea's coming in if someone as already done it.

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I seem to remember watching a programme by Henry, where he targetted them on the fly ? Can't remember what patterns he was using though ? :cry:
i know they've been getting them on fly,watched a good program long time ago with dave whitlock,a U.S angler taking them on crawfish fly pattern's,just wondered if anyone's had any luck on softie's or jigs.

Funny you should mention it ... when I was out on Lake Mead in August my guide had a carp around 12lbs on a small 90mm metal jig in around 65ft of water - he reckoned it was the movement and gut reaction from the carp rather than a hunter / prey chase - definately a first for me!
kjw said:
i was only talking to keith (myfish) yesterday about taking carp on soft plastics/jigs

is it do-able ?

lets have some idea's coming in if someone as already done it.

Yes, it is indeed doable, but not many target carp with lures in the UK. Would probably have a lot to do with the fact that most UK carp anglers regard their quarry more or less as a pet.

If you look to the US you will find that catching carp on lures are a lot more common then you might think.

Floating dog biscuit imitation flies are also great carp catchers, and I know a few who actually target carp that way.

I once hooked a 22Ib carp (in the dorsal fin) on Musky Innovation Spring Dawg boat fishing for pike on Oulten Broad. Until I realised what I had hooked I was certain I was into the mother of all pike, and was seeing Angling Times front page flashing before my eyes :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol:
Had Carp on dry fly here in the UK, detacted body deer hair Daddy patterns while fishing for trout. They fight a whole better than trout on a five weight i can tell you.
Biggest I have landed was a 12lb caught on GRHE whilest fishing on the river Test. Fought better than some salmon and sea-trout I have caught.
ive had carp on plastic baits but hey have been plastic corn and tiger nuts when crayfish and small silver fish have been demolishinf boilies!!! done a fair amount of fly fishing for carp initially supergluing dog biscuits onto hooks, but deer hair spun onto the hook and clipped into shape has increased hook-ups.
I have heard of and have tried flyfishing for Carp using imitations of bread, dog biscuit etc (I used imitation 'maggot' fly, and sprayed loose maggot over the top), but have not heard of them coming to a lure worked as a small fish. I once played a carp for about half an hour that I had hooked fishing a tiny buzzer in my old favourite trout fishery. Lost it in the end unfortunately, but knew from the owners it was a twenty. You hear the odd report of Carp taking deadbaits intended for Pike I suppose, but you'd have thought that there would be a lot more caught that way if it was feasible. I used to spend a lot of time at smaller commercial type places and would fish a small livebait roach in the margins, intended for a big goat of a Perch, and never had a take from a carp. Maybe something to imitate very small nymphs, twitched really slow across the bottom?
kjw said:
i was only talking to keith (myfish) yesterday about taking carp on soft plastics/jigs

is it do-able ?

lets have some idea's coming in if someone as already done it.


As it happens I have some floating lobworm imitations and the same company do bloodworm and sweetcorn, bread, maggots.

Does an SP have to be a predatory bait imitation to be a lure?

If those fail then a small black marabou on a size 8 with a long green body seemed to be popular with carp in my local reservoir time when I used to flyfished for trout.
Yes it's do able on the fly and sps
First one i had one the fly about 6/7 years ago went 21lb. this was on a small bloodworm imitation fishing for trout from the local trout fishery.
I targeted them a bit last summer using dry flys, deer hair biscuit imitations and also small floating buzzers, had them to 30lb+ using this method and it is great sport on 9weight fly gear, worked a lot better than the standard controller gear as you can reposition the bait in front of the fish you want very fast and quietly.
As regards the sps I haven't tryed in this country but have had a fair few in spanish reservoirs when targeting largemouth bass, mainly on small curlytail grubs but did have one on a small hard lure.
To be honest though the carp out there seem to have a different attitude, very aggresive fish for some reason, haven't ever seen them behave like that towards lure when they have been around while perching etc in this country.
Hope this is of some help!
Caught a couple using small mistertwisters on one of our small commercials..... can be done, if you actually went out to catch carp on lures excluding flys etc you would deffo get them
Just watched that vid. What a disgrace the handling of that carp. Dont they know what a landing net is and then to lift it out by its gills.
They were probably going to eat it too. Not uncommon I am told.
Wouldn't be in the slightest surprised if they were.
Unfortunately that's how it goes in spain, there is very little sport fishing that goes on out there.
When out there have even had the local police standing with us watching us play a fish and they are completely shocked when we put the fish on an unhooking mat and let it go.:???:
Kingsbury Water Park
20 February

5lb carp on
lure - Reins Meba Shad 129 Glow Chart Silver - Length: 1.75" (45mm)

Braided line Varivas Light Game Mebaru PE #0.4

FC leader Seaguar Ace Trout Saltwater Fluorocarbon 5.5Lb

5g drop shot rig with hook Korda Carp Fishing Choddy No: 10

Rod Daiwa 5-30g, reel Rovex 2000.
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