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Been meaning to pick up my casting again and get it sorted - just to push a bit more distance and make it a bit more windproof (when is ever not windy!) so looked up a local AAPGAI instructor here

Brett was the most local a mere stone's throw away in Twickenham so a couple of emails later and 2 hr lesson booked via his website just to hit my double haul and fine tune what I was doing (wrongly lol)

Finally found the park down near Richmond and met Brett - hmm familiar accent - yet another brummie invador (we get everywhere!) so needless to say no language barriers!

Started off by evaluating my existing cast circa 50ft on grass ... worked through different styles, stopping my arm drift and bringing in a break at the wrist to get a little extra pop for the forward loop. I have a screwdriver grip which I have naturally sort of fallen into and hey presto added another 20ft over the two hours ... :wackit:

All came down to Brett seeing what I was doing and tailoring what I was doing right and wrong - basically stop using muscle to power through and slow it all down and less power! technique is king! (I tend to be very aggressive with my hauls - it was smashing my loops to bits as it was a too much!)

Brett was down to earth and basically a great guy - moving onto Switch rods and Spey over the winter (got to do something whilst the fish are away!).

If you have ever thought of taking up salt fly - lessons really are the way to go ... I really enjoy flyfishing and the challenges it provides and if you didn't understand any of the above don't worry its simple once you start learning :)

Next steps - practice, practice, practice and dare I leave the lure rods at home for the Jersey festival? hmmmmm ;)
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