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On holiday in St Mawes for a week and got some fishing in including a day with Nathan. First time out with my new boat.
Boat.jpg :wackit

Monday - Left the mooring at 0630 and got to the first mark at 0700. Couple of swirls and knocks close in then bang 0715 into first bass on a Feedshallow over 25ft of water. A tussle resulted in a 3lb 12oz fish in the boat. First blood to Nick!

What followed was a consistent day's fishing with fishing coming all day to ZClaws and Feedshallows and in Nathan's case a 145 Tide minnow as the photo below shows. His best Garfish to date on a lure.
View attachment 1923

We ended the day with 20 Bass, 3 Mackies, 4 Pollock and a Garfish.

Tuesday dawned with heavy rain and a swiftly increasing wind that had changed direction by 30 degrees. Arrived on the Mark at 0730 and in 2 hours fishing had 12 Bass to 4lbs. Within half an hour of starting to fish wind was gusting 30+ knots and the Bass loved. Every drift produced a swirl, a take or a fish. To a Z Claw and Patchinko At 0930 had to run for cover due to the weather.

Wednesday wind had moved 60 degrees into the North and dropped to 5 -10 knots. Fished had moved and after an hour started to find some in a bay lots of swirls and knocks and had 3 Bass and 3 Mackies in 3 hours fishing. Fish were picky in the nicer conditions.

Final morning Thursday, Nathan joined me for a session to show me how it was done! Indeed he was casting before i had stopped the boat. On a mark before first light and nothing except a few small Pollock, moved twice and at 0900 found fish as the tide began to ebb. Quickly had 4 Bass to 3lb 12oz and 2 Makkies before running out of time and heading home to take the family to the beach. Nathan had a couple of small Bass before finding out that braid and 90HP Engines do not mix. :sad: Anyway his side of events of this trip are for him to tell!!!!!!

Four days fishing produced 29 Bass, 7 Mackies for me and a number of Pollock to a combination of Z Claw, Patchinko, Feed Shallow and Tide Minnow 145. My thanks to Nathan for the guidance on day one and the amusement on day 4. it was a great few days fishing.


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Great report Nick, nice boat and well done on the fish :p
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