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Looking at the thread from Bobby Lau below made me think about how we categorise lure rods. Lots of people on here have had experience of a number of different types of rod and what type of fishing they are best suited for. If we were to try and create some sort of generic category for rods this might help people select what type of rod is best suited for a particular application. Within that we can give examples of the rods that fit those categories from current manufacturers, preferably based on owners experience rather than catalogue specs.

Personally I split my rods into the following categories based on the fishing I do:

Big rod (very original name) - Big plugs, long range, strong tides.
Plug rod - 7 - 28gm plugs - all plug work except ultralight or heavy
Soft plastic rod - Shorter lighter rod than the plug rod. Plugs and soft plastics to around 20grams
Light rod - Plugs and soft plastics to 10gms
Ultralight - Plugs and soft plastics to 7gms

Now I appreciate that everybody will have different views on what they consider for categories so this is just a suggestion. If we define category we can then add rod reviews to that category to help people with rod choice.
Does anybody think this is a good idea?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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