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Change Anything?

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Does your methods change, switching from the Shore to the Kayak and if so what do you change?
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Personally I try harder not to drown!

On a more serious note I guess it is easier to fish exactly where you want - I find myself studying where I am fishing more as I have more access than on the shore - opens more options therefore I get choosy!
I don't change things too much in the yak, just make sure I've got a few deep divers in the box as I'm able to access deeper water.
And make sure I've got everything I need, cos it's a bit of pain nipping back to the van!
I am thinking about getting about a 6 foot Tenryu for the kayak this year, just makes moving and casting easier i guess,

One of the problems that i still have is landing the bass inside the Yak, as i love wearing shorts, which is not a good combination with the bass and plug hooks, i often spill i just might have some boga grips on a leash and just keep the bass on that, which will give me time to put the rod in the rod rest, so then i can deal with the bass on the outside.
Hah, yes I know what you mean about spiky bass in a yak.

I mainly kayak in the winter and have been wearing neoprene chesties with a cag top over so no worries.

Now I've got a drysuit and am concerned about getting it punctured.

I like the boga grip idea, best I get one.

Also re the 6ft rod. I'd be worried that I couldnt play a fish around the bow from one side to the other and end up playing it under the yak. But maybe you can reach the bow with a 6ft rod, I don't tend to move too far from the seat!
i tried using a net but just keep getting snagged on something if not everything...doh....good point tho about the 6ft rod not reaching the bow...might have to look at that first!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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