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May be interesting to some (there were some lure caught fish:-D)

Cork Small Boats Festival 2010
Another year another successful event! There were a number of changes to the event format this year. Firstly the species hunt would take place over 4 days. Secondly this was the first year that we would fish for “micro” species: a range of species with a minimum size of 140mm – including blennies and the smaller wrasse species.

Twenty five of the twenty seven booked boats made it to the launch on day 1. We started the competition on Sunday as the weather was forecast to be ideal. It was a beautiful day to be afloat and the scores reflected the perfect conditions. SCREAMING REELS led the way with 24 species, an incredible feat of angling. BEASTMASTER made up the best of the rest with 19 species, itself a huge score.

We fished our second day on Monday. The weather was quite blustery but there was unrestricted fishing. BASS HUNTER carded 15 species on the day with KATIE returning 13 species. Boats were attempting to add to their day 1 totals and many added 5 or six to their totals. The overnight leaders struggled to add to their scores so the pack began to close the gap!

Match Day 3 went ahead on Tuesday. Conditions were far superior that Day 2. Many boats went to sea again while the harbour marks were very busy. SHOCK WAVES claimed the most species prize with 13. Many of the boats that were topping up their scores did well with SKUA adding 8 species to their tally on the day. Things were getting cramped on the leader board heading into day 4!

Match Day 4 was another splendid day. Many mid-table boats decided to try and claim the daily prizes – hard to blame them on such a perfect day. NAUTI LASS carded 15 species while BELLA VISTA 69 had 13. BEASTMASTER looked comfortable on the leader board, a species ahead and a few species to fish for on the final day. In the end BEASTMASTER failed to add to their tally and Team SKUA managed to add 2 more bringing their tally to 31 – a new record even if it was a first time 4-day event. Team SKUA’s win is only the second time that the match has been won by an Irish boat.

Since we finished the event on Wednesday we rescheduled our presentation for Wednesday night. A great night was had in Trabolgan and the celebrations went on into the early hours.

This was the first time in many years that we had 4 days of unrestricted fishing. It was a splendid week. There was 41 species of fish caught over the 4 days, more than 45 if you include the bait fish. There were some fine captures including specimen dogfish and megrim and a few unusual ones including a fine 3.i5 pound red bream and an opportunist brill! The best bass was won by SEA PIGEON with a fish of 6lbs. The best flat fish was a plaice of 3.2lbs by ESCAPADE. The Best combination of the 10 nominated species were SEA PIGEON & SKUA.

Congratulations to all the competitors and prize winners.

The overall placing is attached.

Full results are available at


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