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Hi Guys,

some of you may have seen my post last evening on the "Corning Bumble Nov 27th and 28th confirmed" thread.

My post contained a list of names I had taken from the above named thread. Nathan then pointed out there may have been more of us who had committed or had shown interest on his original post.

I have therefore also visited the original post and indeed there are more names to add to the list.

So, the list below is a combination of all those who have committed or shown interest from both threads.

1. Nathan Taylor
2. Rob Taylor
3. Iain Venn
4. Matt Arnold
5. Nick Bennett + Charlie Bennett
6. Andrew walker !!
7. Kevin Pugh
8.Toby Harnet
9. Ivan
10. Adrian Jacobs
11. Trev Richardson
12. John Bunyard, the beautiful Mrs Bunyard and bonny baby George.
13. Vaughn
14. Robert Patterson
15. Paul Gunning
16. Simon Lewis and Luke
17. Steve Lewis and Adam
18. Johnathon Docherty
19. Rob F (no surname)
20. Tom Massey + 1 other
21. Gareth Daw + 1 other
22. Ben Field
23. Luke Fox and Shaun
24. Neil Dixon
25. Mike Hayes
26. Matt Newcombe
27. Marq
28. Mike Symons
29. Dave Irving
30. Steve Payne and Pete
31. Mike Reynolds
32. Dylan M
33. Tim Griffin and George , there goes any chance of a trophy then!!
34. Jeremy Haden
35. Chris Savery
36. Colin Jones (AKA Cojo)
37. Andrew Cottom
38. Mike Cornelius and Adam
39. Simon Clapham
40. Paul B
41. Marc Westwood
42. Shaun Austin
43. John Barriball
44. Mark Sleep
45. Ritchie Champion
46. Ben Pratt
47. Nigel Burley
48. Richard B (AKA burko73
49. Darren Edwards
50. Nigel Rundle + 1 other

So we have a possible 60 attendees who have either committed or shown an interest.

To help us understand numbers could you please post a yes or no reply ON THIS THREAD.

Many thanks and hopefully we will see you all next weekend. It,s not too late for others confirm they will be attending.

Many thanks


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Its a yippee from me Nick. Kevin Pugh also told me that someone called Nick Rowe was staying with him (along with me & Adrian) during the bumble...........I assume that this is still the case. If so that's one more to add to the list. I'm sure Kev can confirm

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Its a no from me I'm afraid. Logistics of coming over from Jersey were a bit too tricky to work out. Sounds like its going to be some bumble though!

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I am in but Richard (Burko) and Ben Pratt are not coming based on comments in another thread.
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