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Cornwall blank

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After crawling out of bed at about 11am I had a qucik gander at the local surf check only to see that the swell had properly dropped to just a couple or 3 feet. Yesssssssssssss I thought. My day's work was out of the window and after spending more than hour sorting bits and pieces out (I had washed and sprayed more than 40 lures last night and had them lying all over the kitchen - Mrs not best pleased!) I jumped in the car. Didn't go too far but just headed for where I thought there may be less weed in the water. Some places round 'ere just get clogged with weed when it's stormy.... emr, like it always is! :x

Anyway, just wanted to try out a silly new rod to be honest so jumped at the first bit of fishable looking water i saw. ....nothing showing!

Same at the second spot, and finally at the third. I did manage a bit of exploration that could help out next time, and the rod was ..... interesting! Needs a bit of customisation!

All in all, with all this swell there's still too much colour in the water. It's annoying that you can see the clearer patches about 100m off shore, but just can't cast that far.

it's interesting how much sand has been swept out of my usual marks actually. There are a few tiny coves that I cross between the rocks, on sand, and it's all been totally washed out which makes getting along the coast almost impossible.

Gave it a couple of hours in total, mostly on big tide minnows and the odd sinking pencil bait. Could have done with some heavy jigs in the end I think.

If the seas keep calm for a little while then hopefully there will be a more likely fish catching opportunity coming up soon.
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Well done for getting out anyway Ben, know what you mean about the Mrs not being too pleased about lures drying all over the kitchen :D
What was the "Silly rod" you were trying?
I didn't bother this weekend, Ben so hat's off to you for getting out there. Sometimes you just have to get out there regardless of the prospects! Come on - more about the rod!
well done ben at least you got out and gave it a bash, we have the muddiest water ive seen all year round the bristol channel, should be good for cod and conger but little else, so i think its time to drag out the beachcasters now :( :eek: :(
LOL, the rod is............ telescopic!!!!!! How cool am I?!?!?!?! Light as a feather though, 12 feet long, super fast, casts up to about 3oz apparently but is quite capable with lures above 20g. Was casting miles once I got used to it. Just wanted something cheap and long that I could use in rough weather - so I could get up, away from the water and cast heavier lures - but still have some control. I'll be singing its praises more when I've had a better chance to try it I reckon. :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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