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Cornwalls Firing & Robs now Double

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I only have a few photos on my camera, will get more tho;

To cut along story short, i didnt turn up to a pre arranged spot this morning, my father phones me saying were the hell am i! and tells me what he has caught so far, i get up and beg wife to go fishing, she say yes but have to take children too and the rest is history. sorry not got time at mo to write full report wife and baby are quite demanding!!!!!!

Update my scales are out by 5oz, another forum member hound dog tested his scales against mine, as his are calibrated so that makes rob's bass a DOUBLE
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Re: Cornwalls Firing

Bleeeeeedy 'ell mate!! I'm there on Thursday!!
Re: Cornwalls Firing

Feed Shallow is on the blog Mick, but not on here. It's the orangey belly one - so does look a bit like the Rudra from that angle, Keith.
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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