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Cornwalls Firing & Robs now Double

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I only have a few photos on my camera, will get more tho;

To cut along story short, i didnt turn up to a pre arranged spot this morning, my father phones me saying were the hell am i! and tells me what he has caught so far, i get up and beg wife to go fishing, she say yes but have to take children too and the rest is history. sorry not got time at mo to write full report wife and baby are quite demanding!!!!!!

Update my scales are out by 5oz, another forum member hound dog tested his scales against mine, as his are calibrated so that makes rob's bass a DOUBLE
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Re: Cornwalls Firing

Well done guys, thats a cracking session, I am not envious one little bit :lol:
Re: Cornwalls Firing

Just found out today that my scales are out by 5oz...Hound dog from wales and i weighed the same bass today and i was out by 5oz's and his scales has be calibrated so that makes Rob's Bass a DOUBLE 10lb 3oz!!!!!!! :horsesword:
Respect for going out fellas, one of the coldest mornings this year down this neck of the woods. Well done on the fish Rob!
Well done Rob it was worth the trip just to see that smile today.
What a great fish to start 2010
I will see you both soon.
Who said there are no bass in december.Sorry its the 1st of Jan
Well done on the fish chaps I have never been that succesful at that spot Did you cath to the left or right of the little harbour or just in front Another good spot is close by but requires climbing to get to it Dont worry my lips are sealed There are a few points in the photos that give the spot away but you need to know it very well to recognise
Nice meeting you today mark, i hope you had better luck than we did :bangin:
Hi Nathen I didnt get anything either I did enjoy meeting you all A real nice bunch of people you fish with Lovely day stunning scenery Best regards Marq

Have sent you a PM - great to meet you. You said you had sent me an email, but there is nothing in my Inbox.


Well done chaps, great session, I am of to stick my head in the oven.
The Squid said:
Well done chaps, great session, I am of to stick my head in the oven.
Feel like doing the same :muttley: Nice to know some are still about, Cracking effort there Nathan and the rest of the boys :jump:
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