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Criccieth tomorrow evening......

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Hopefully this is a premature catch report!

Thinking about heading to Criccieth after work tomorrow ( tuesday ) it looks promising the high tide / dusk / moon rise all coincide. just need to find out where is the best spot there..

Looking on google maps there is a stretch of rough ground that runs from the west side of criccieth towards pwllheli with a small river at one end.

Anyone know the area well that could give me a few ideas?

Also if anyone is down that way and is up for a session you are welcome to join me.
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have you checked the weather mate,you may find theres some pretty big waves coming straight in at you,

and poor vis as a result, north lleyn may be better,good luck if you do go. cant help on the ground to the west.
had a look on magic seaweed and theres a swell of about 1- 2 feet predicted, if it gets too rough will head towards trefor area.
Know the area like the back of my hand.
If you walk to the right of the castle you will see a sewidge pipe,follow it out and at low tide you can pick up bass and makkies etc.
Its still early yet for this part of the world on plugs.

Nice evening, slight swell baitfish scattering from my lures unfortunateley no fish were caught but a few things clicked into place, played about with xlayers rigged on jigheads and carolina rig, and also had a crack with a intermediate bombarda and some shrimp / clouser patterns.

Lost a tide minnow though, hopefully it will be gettable at low tide today (sure they wont miss me at work for an hour or so!!!!!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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