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the 1500 size will likely share the same body size as a 2500 as stated above. The spool and possibly the rotor will be smaller. Which menas the 1500 won't be as light as most 1000 or true UL reels. It is only a slight variation over the 2000 but the smaller spool, holds less line and due to the smaller diameter will have a slower retrieve. Depending on what you want it for that may be spot on. LRF specific reels often have a slower retrieve rate, some of the Daiwa ones are 4.4:1.
The trend for finesse fishing these days seems to be 2004 (2000 size spool 100M 4lb mono capacity) or 2506 (2500 size spool 100M 6lb mono)models but if you can get a 1500 for a good price then I doubt you would notice the difference.
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