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Daiwa Chugger Minnow First Impressions

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Had a first go with the Daiwa Chugger Minnow today and though I'd post a review.

It has been mentioned before as a feed shallow look alike, so I figured at £7.99 it would be worth a punt. Now I like my bling as much as anyone, but these bargain basement plugs deserve a look!

Firstly it casts suprisingly well, at 12 cm long and 17 grammes, with (it seems) a single moving ball bearing providing weight transfer for casting abd a loud rattle.

It dives a bit deeper than the quoted 1ft, nearer 2, and has a distinct rolling action.
Nothing like the exaggerated side to side wiggle of a feed though.

It responds well to a jerk with the rod (kinda describes me a bit!) with a wild dart to either side as a result.

Interestingly it swims with a really slow retrieve too, could be good at night?

The finish won't set your eyeballs alight, and the hooks are not the best either but will do until the rust sets in.

It's got a face only it's mother could love but at the price it's gotta be worth it.

Shame theres no bass around to eat it yet!


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Nice lookin lure NO i am not its mother he he I rate the Daiwa lures They have really worked for me Try and get my hands on one of these
Just looked on Monster, and they have a couple of new colours.

A clear one & a purple back shiner, but no pics.

Oh dear, hmmmm!
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