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This year Julos and Willy decided to take me with them for a week in Denmark, despite the fact that these people had warned me of the great potential pike over there I was far from imagining what would happen to us there.
The car loaded the gear and we head towards float tube "Pikeland"!

Just arrived on site Julos rushed into the lake before having unloaded all the stuff and just show me his first pike! It does not take longer to quickly inflate the float tube and forward!!

Fishing Saturday 08 :

While sitting on our float tube we fish the lake opposite the cottage, it does not take long to record the first take, I begin the exploration of Lake Julos left side while making the other side, after several hours of fishing Saturday results come in, my side and I am 18 pike pike Julos 15.

Fishing on Sunday 09 :

Sunday with Willy and his father we went on a lake a bit smaller but very wild, with Julos we fish in this lake float tube while Willy and his dad practice a fishing curbs on 3-4 hours of fishing we respectively take a dozen pike each, still a nice day of it.
In the afternoon we decided to raise the float tube Willy for his learning, he does not take long for him to take his first pike float tube.
Following this 16 day Julos for pike, two pike, Willy, Nico 3 and 18 for me. What a paradise!!
In the evening towards the dam where we will take a few cod and sole.

Fishing Monday 10 :

On Monday we head towards a small canal, also float tube and I Julos and zodiac for Willy, his dad and Martin. Here bottom fishing is more difficult, I got two fish that a very very big and still take two poles to save a beautiful bonnet Julos in turn derives its game by taking three pike.
The crew will also zodiac few fish but it is far from the results of previous days. We went back towards the cottage for a good dinner and drinks to forget the eyes of poor outcome, strongly tomorrow for revenge!!

Fishing Tuesday 11 :

Tuesday Julos we go with a small lake fish will not hurt once in float tube, unfortunately after a few minutes Julos not feeling well, he must stop fishing after took 2 pike, I kept the little lake a time to take nine pike, I joined him in the car and we go back to the cottage, it will be better in bed.
For my part after a few soles engulfed the dinner I made on the lake front cottage and take five pike, alas, I landed a very, very big attack came in my lure flippers and jump over the left flange of the float tube, which adrenaline rush!!
Review of day 2 pike and 2-3 large "bundles" for Julos and 14 pike for me.

Fishing Wednesday 12th :

A horrible weather this morning we decided to go for a walk in the town find some lures in the evening when we come out even an hour or two by boat, we will Julos with 11 pike each.

Thursday 13 Fishing :

The day is beautiful and we decided to avenge the previous day's weather we go out the float tube to the small lake where pike are numerous enough, the morning we will take a dozen pike perch and 2-3 with the decoy purchased day in town.
In the afternoon we will fish still float tube on the lake front cottage, check the pike for day 18 and 22 Julos pike for me.
Fishing is great but we're starting to get tired and legs are very heavy, I also see that my float tube loses air, so we decided in agreement with Julos leaving on Friday, so we finish this in style Thursday because two of us take what is our record in one day 40 pike! It is the apotheosis!

Conclusion :

I want to thank Julos Willy and his dad for showing me this wonderful area of Denmark, even if we did not record pike we had the numbers and with a bit of luck the two pike over meter would have been released, will be a next time!!
We have tested all our boxes of lures!
I still can not realize the number taken there and have one thing in mind is to go back soon!
We had a superb week, a lot of fish, a great atmosphere where we laughed non-stop like whales with all our couillonnades! hihi!
At the maddening results taken as we take six days on 172 pike!!

Diapo :


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Super report Vic and a great story, looks as if you had a brilliant time :p

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Great report. Lovely looking lake!
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