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Daytime LRF?

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It seems like LRF has kicked off bigtime in some parts with great results. Most if not all the reports are from people catching at night. Is anybody trying LRF style fishing during the day and if so, are you catching?

Not really including mackerel or gars in this but obviously they would be more than welcome.

Just for info, I am NOT scared of the dark!!!!
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I think you'll catch if you're in the right place at the right time Mike. I had a number of pollack the other night, well before it got dark - it seemed just as productive as after dark to be honest. Also had a single pollack the other evening on a short rock session. Then there are obviously the gars and mackerel. I might try the harbour in broad daylight next time - I think it'll open up a lot of doors to the smaller wrasse species especially (where I fish).
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