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Looking for a new rod for fishing SPs off the boat with heads up to around 21g.
Will be buying blind so would love any thoughts.
My real first choice would be an injection :wackit2: but want to get a new reel too (bradia or rarenium?) so near on £600 is a bit of a stretch ATM.
Anyone selling theirs???:-D
So, willing to spend up to about £150 on a rod for this purpose, will most likely be used with 1.2pe a 2500 size reel and in depths up to around 20m/60ft. Mainly depths of around 6- 12m.
Needs to have a sensitive tip but a fairly fast action to hit quick bumps at depth. Using a speedmaster 10-30gm at the moment and it just doesn't have enough grunt up front to hit fast bites, power starts about half way down..
The shortlist so far is...

Savage gear jig n spin cheap and can get on for about £60 but dont like the handle or ring spacings.

Beastmaster drop shot - lovely looking rod and hear good things.. love the fact it has a balance system and a bare carbon spot on the seat.

Speedmaster drop shot - if its a step up from the beastmaster to me well worth the extra £30 at about £120. (probably first choice right now)

Bushwacker Xlnt - either the 702l or the 732 ml.

Teklon concept - either one of the 7fters or the 802ml. (never seen such an ugly rod - have only seen pics but I would HAVE to get it rebuilt with a new handle, yes i know fish wont see it but i will!)

There's a lot of choice and it gets very complicated when you cant get the in your hands an have a feel as i'm sure i'd know which if i could have a go with them but i cant so....

Any thoughts? anything i should be considering that isn't here ??

Thanks in advance!
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