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Dogs and Lure Fishing?

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Does anybody take their dog with them roving or boat fishing?

I have become a new dog owner last year after the season finished so we haven't even taken him down on his first beach yet ... just wondering how many people take their dogs - is it practical over rocky terrain? ... I reckon estuaries or beaches may be fine for short spells and I can imagine it not being so great when your pooch dives into your margin swim and grabs a mouthful of lure :/

Oh I have a whippet named Scout ...! (13 weeks old)

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Alex, I think it all depends on the dog and to some extent the marks you fish. My mate Giles takes his two jack russels as they go everywhere with him and to be honest one of them can be a bit of a liability. He ALWAYS seems to know when you have a fish on and then has his heart set on getting the fish landed for you. Not ideal!
I have taken two of our labradors on a few occasions and they are no hassle (Softie will attest as we had them with us on one trip we met up - although George's seemed intent on drowning himself!). They seem to get bored after a while and just chill out or lie down. Most dogs will cope with any terrain you might cover but if you are doing a lot of deep wading or clambering then you might want to rethink as the dog could get distressed if it can't be with you. Also, if there are other dog walkers where you fish you need to be confident your dog is socialised and isn't going to start a scrap or run off after other dogs. After all you want to be able to concentrate on your fishing albeit with your companion. The last issue is farm livestock. A number of my marks require a walk through fields with sheep or cattle. You do need a dog that is trained to stock and will behave on a lead or you could get yourself and the dog in trouble. Luckily my two labs are trained gun dogs so are used to stock and pretty obedient. If your dog is highly strung or tends to whine then I'd leave it at home, personally.
Despite the confidence I have in my dogs I don't often take them to be honest as it is a distraction I prefer not to have when I'm fishing and the car gets pretty crammed by the time you have Me, George, two loads of tackle, waders, boots, lunch, two dogs etc etc. They love it though, and I may try a bit harder to include them this year. Concentrate on Scout's basic obedience training while the fishing isn't the top priority and then you will have the option later in the year.
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Why not make a plug bag to fit the dog ?

canine caddy.
Hi Alex, I have a ten year old black Lab and she loves being out at the coast. I’ve taken her out a few times when fishing but find I cant fully concentrate as I have to keep a constant eye out for where she is, as with all Labs she likes to follow her nose. In the future I will either go fishing or take the dog out as trying to do both doesn’t really work for us, I guess being on a boat would be fine though.
14 month yellow lab, can't take her anymore - she just eats anything she can find on the beach - sick as in the car on the way home every time...
I take my 3 year old border terrier plugging with me and rock hopping but not so much bait fishing because if I turn my back for a second I can kiss my bait bye bye! Lovely dog by the way!
Brought a lump to my throat Alex.

We had whippets when I was young through to my mid 20s. A brindle dog called Brandy. Later a blue grey dog called Misty Blue and his brother Jet (all black) and a brindle bitch called Skippy.

Wonderful dogs. Enjoy. And post the odd pic now and then for the softies on here.
Hey Paul - our little guy is adorable ...think we will end up with more ...

Bumped into a couple who run a whippet rescue on the beach last week - Bank Holiday Monday is Whippet day @ West Wittering with a whole load if us going down to let them stretch their legs and go silly :D

Scout's first day at the beach - growing up fast ...


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Took my black lab with me for the first time last year. He was mental ! Almost drowned, getting washed up a gulley after diving head first of a ledge into an oncoming swell. I shouted " NO SULLEY !!" about half a dozen times before he took the plunge. He must of got water in his lungs and needed to go to the vets for antibiotics. He also cut his feet to shreds on the rocks struggling to get out of the water before the next wave landed on his head. He also fancied a chomp on a plug, but not while it was in the water, but before casting. He's not coming again....I can't afford the vets bill, or the possible heart attack from the stress !!
dang - we love dogs ... mebbe dogs think plugging sucks!
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