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Dublin Bass

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Wednesday 14th
Got myself off the mark,went out on wed morn and fished a mark in Dublin id fished there a couple of times before but had no luck,High water was around 12.00 fished from 8.00 till 12.30,I had 2 Bass 5lb and 3 and a half lb both on a megabass spindle worm.Happy days.


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Fair play Ken two great fish at the minute
Thanks Barry was down your neck of the woods last week and blanked,to be honest I just wanted to get out and try out my new rod and reel couldnt believe my luck,things have been very slow for me ive been out about 15 times maybe more and have only had 1seatrout and those 2 bass.
good stuff ken just before the bass ban no bass for 4 weeks.
Graet effort Ken, good report and pics !
Well done Ken and just in the nick of time too,:-D I got my dates mixed up and was thinking the today was the last day before the closed season. :-(
Hey Ken, been off the site for a while buried in studying.

Just caught sight of your catch. Fair play to ya. I know you've been working hard on winkling out those Dublin spots so fair play!!
I'll catch up with you in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the replies Lads ,hope your exams go well for ya Colm give us a shout when things settle down and we ll try and get out the seatrout are keeping me busy til the ban is over.
HIi Sam, Rod (luckycraft esg 2-20g) is great for the lighter stuff im using a rarenium 3000 with it ,im still in the market for a new rod to cast bigger lure and a new reel will have to get a look at your Branzino cant make me mind up on what to get??
Let me know when you will be out this way Ken we can meet up for a few cast's, i would like to have a look at the luckeycraft esg.
Thanks Sam let me know when your heading out next and il try hook up with you.
Hey Ken,

Where did you get the lucky craft rod, do you have a link, I'd like to have a look at one?

Hi Colm I got one off Jim Hendrick think it was his last one, mine is a lucky craft esg 8"7 2-20g,monster tackle are doing them its the esgII its a little more of a faster action than the first version so I hear, I use mine for sea trout, its a great rod for the lighter lures up to about 16g.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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