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Feeding the fishies!

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Picked this up from Nicola's blog ... _embedded#

astounding ... going to need something a bit beefier than a rodbar ... :eek:
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Great footage Alex, thanks for that, what would be the minimum size setup you would need for one of those?
Alex .
great to see such graceful creatures feedind like that .... such a shame people still want to catch these bluefin tuna, as they are now fast becoming
an endangered species.

Whatched whale wars on cable last evening ? dam shame the japanese have to still hunt the whales . what a very sad endding to such a mammal ,
Even they are going to run out soon !!!!!!!! Then it will be to late ?
It is a shame Bob, is it the Mitsubishi company that is freezing up a huge stock of Bluefin ready for when theres none left so they can dictate even sillier prices for the fish?

Bet they go like stink though when hooked up :D
eeek was planning on some BFT popping next year - the majority is C&R ...

Setup ... hmmm Tenryu Furrary 86 and a Stella SW 10000 poss with a 20000 max spool!
Oh and 3 weetabix for breakfast ... will see if I can dig out Yogi's massive BFT video on spinning gear ... :shock:
that looks amazing!
Hook one of those and just hold on and watch all your line disappear..... that must be an amazing experience.
Ahem, BFT on spinning gear :D , Start with a small one, before you have a try on a full size one. Jordonis3r you are looking at a fish that pound for pound is about two or three time stronger than Dogtooth's, and being a cold water fish, they are able to loose heat and continue to fight and fight . They DO NOT quit. Most of the people i know that "have" done it. Tend to go for unlimited stand up gear and massive back breaking, arm crippling drags. Basically every ounce of pressure the hook set will take. And even then you will probably have 25% do the long drop on you. I have seen these fish spool gear that would handle grander marlin. Truely one of the most impressive fish that swim.

As for the future of the BFT, Milt and eggs already frozen, techniques for farming them are receiving a large amount of investment. Compared with many other species that are close to the brink, there is alot of interest in saving them. Their value, that has almost proven their downfall, may yet be their salvation. Sadly the same can't be said for many other fish species.
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definately a small one first!
Will see what the new year brings (please mr father christmas a flight to the US I have been so so so good this year!)
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