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Finally A Gap in the Weather

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Just been on XCWeather and it looks like the Blo*dy wind is finally dropping and swinging NNE for the weekend. Well the water is like milky coffee, bound to be loads of floating weed as well. But I for one will hopefully get the lures wet at least once or twice more this year. Will have a look at the tides, and start planning. Any one else up for a south coast bumble at the weekend??
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:D :D :D High water 07:37, first light 07:11, sunrise 07:48 :D :D :D
winds 8-10mph from the NE, finally the bass weather gods are smiling on Sussex.
Of course the weather will be fine this weekend, I'm working :D

Having said that today has been a lot better, walked along the river today, water level has dropped a little and is just starting to clear up a bit. Got my rod Licence etc now so hoping to have my first attack on the Chub soon. Have to go on an annual Aggression training course tomorrow so maybe I'll get the chance to let off some steam built up by all the gloom :D .
Trust me I will risking aggression by dissappearing before dawn this weekend, but it could be the last chance this year in Sussex, so might have to give a go anyways. Just checked, and the swell/surf looks small enough for a trip to the reef :twisted:
Fingers crossed the weather continues to settle, as I have a few days off between christmas and New Year, so might drift down to Weymouth if I can find a good looking set of tides ;)
Count me in Dave - sounds like a plan! (all the DIY is DONE!)

Thinking Sat or Sun morning?
Bl**dy typical! Weather improves and I can't fish this weekend!!!
Might go Monday afternoon somewhere though. If you guys do any good let me know.
Good luck!
saltiga said:
Bl**dy typical! Weather improves and I can't fish this weekend!!!
Might go Monday afternoon somewhere though. If you guys do any good let me know.
Good luck!
Is it your birthday weekend this week Mike?

Fingers crossed Bob and me will manage to give the boat a run, I hear Liam (Tronic) had a few last weekend on his boat on lures, fair play to him
My birthday was back in September. I went to Ireland the week before and had [email protected] weather while I was there so never saw a fish. But I did see a few seals which are always interesting if not entirely welcome.
I can't fish this weekend because I have my kids staying. I will tell Jules it is my birthday though...... it will take my mind off fishing for a while.....
Ah I thought when you had invited us over and for Martin and Maggy to pop up it was for your birthday thats all.
That was just to repay your hospitality, we didn't need an excuse!
You are still welcome anytime. Just make sure you let me know in advance!!!!
Either day is good for me, drop me a pm and we can arrange it. Saltiga just sneak out for a bit, no normal person will be up and about, no will ever know ;)
I vote for Saturday morning - strike whilst the iron is hot! cmon Mike it will be a pre dawn raid!
Yippeeeee! Was gonna come on and post about this exact same thing a few hours ago!! Can't wait to get out again!! Fish oooooon!!!!! :D
Im on a south coast bumble myself!!! gemini out of dartmouth, the weather has stopped all charters (and trawlers) for the last 5 weeks so surely there are bound to be a few biggies with suicidal tendancies??? :lol:
Dartmouth is magic - got married there in May - fingers crossed you nail em and the weather is flat calm and the sun shines ...:D
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