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Well i'm finally off the mark in the rockie bashing on a SP thing, can't be letting these crapauds get too far ahead...

Decided that I would give it a go for a rockie today and selected my bit of cliff. never been there before but looked do-able on Google Earth so it was walking boots on, chest pack, rod and net, no heavy duty stuff here. Selected the Vale Tudo as I had no idea what would await me at the bottom.

About half way down and it started to look like I have selected a nice little spot!! Deep clear water, pinnacles, gullies, kelp.....

Sorry but it's phone cam shots. Have mislaid my mini digi cam (again...) and wasn't taking the EOS 500D down a cliff.

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Doesn't it look nice...

There was a little bit of ground swell but nothing bad, our west coast is one huge mill pond today as the wind has dropped down to a F2/3 from the east.

There's a mullet open comp this weekend so I had gone away from the normal mullet marks and more off the beaten track but after a half hour of fishing swore I heard voices and soon after saw a couple with mullet rod along from me. Not sure if I had been seen but I continued regardless.

Back to the fishing.

Started off with some black (Smoke Glitter??) Giant Xlayers on a 7g bachi head and didn't have any interest so switched to a zonk for a bit, then onto a savage gear sandeel which I snaged up and the hook snapped off (bloney things...) so switched back to the black slayer. Still no joy so I switched to a lighter Giant XLayer in the sparkle berry colour (I call it brown...!!;-)) and first cast I had a follow from a big goldfish, the rockie that followed was so orange you could easily call it a koi carp. He didn't take though. Couple of casts later and I had a few more plucks and wishing I had a lighter rod about now as certain I was missing takes but I wasn't going back up just for a rod.

Then next cast he took proper!! :-D Yay!!

He must have followed for a while and took nearly under the rod so not much of a fight.

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Interesting pattern down the side of the fish, not had one like that before.

Not a big fish so I didn't weigh it, just wanted him back in the water but I would estimate about 2lb. if that's not good enough for the SP challenge then that's fine, sure I can do better than that anyway.

Fished on for a bit and felt a few more taps but the Vale Tudo is a bit heavy duty for what I ended up doing, also had a problem with the butt end of it but that's going to be another thread...

i also felt that I was missing fish through using the giant Xlayers on the bachi head, small hook and big lure, normal size lure might have been a better choice but there are only giant xlayers available locally at the moment. must resist ordering more... Big bait, big fish is my motto!!

Back up the cliff, collect the nipper and home.

So mission accomplished.


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