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Hi guys

Just managed to grab a quick hour with my wife and youngest child to hurl a few plugs around. We all started on topwater lures and saw fish jumping, not far from where they were landing. No takes for half an hour, so we swapped. I put on a duo tide minnow and Karen a maria chase holo silver. A few casts later and this little fella attacked my lure with a vengance. Not the biggest ever, but thats me off the mark. My brave assistant Martin was on hand to help lift it from the water. It's the first bass he's seen caught.

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Great stuff Gary, keep these reports coming !
:clap: Brilliant !! Well done Gary !!
Ooh your good Bob. ;-)
Well done Gary, Bob does not miss a thing...
Awesome Gary.

We'll catch up in the week m8 as some LRF training is in order for the next bottom targets...

well done gary, you lad looks well chuffed,lol

Well done gary your up and running now keep it up.
well done gary, you lad looks well chuffed,lol

I think he likes the camera as much as you Kev ;-)
Well done Eggy, your boys face is a picture :) Dont you just love kids!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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