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Started today at 5.30 on a rock boulder mark and despite looking cracking it just didn't feel fishy. Been here loads of times in fact it was my go to mark last year. But just not today, so I packed up and headed back to the river/estuary. Tried a couple of places for half an hour each but to no avail. So thought that I'd leave it till low water.

Returned at low water and after hour or so of fish started to show , not that big but they were definatly there. I was running out of time as I had family stuff to do so , so allowed myself 10 more cast..... on the 5th cast was treated to a 3lb er lovely looking fish and a good scrap as well with a 5.5mtrr tide running. caught on a 110 flash minnow in pearl white Sorry no pics as my camera is crapped out. Ill have to get a new one.

If this message seems a bit garbleed its because Iv'e hit the cider to celebrate:jump:
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