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set out early this morn with new member john woods, fished the sw ebbing tide, wasnt long before john was into a wrasse, stunning green colour bout 1.2lb first time he's used xlayers and think he's got the bug!!!, not long after i followed up with a brown about 1lb, great sport these fish for their size, shortly after we moved to a different head has the water was dropping fast, i had a wrasse follow my chopped giant xlayer right in for a about 10 yds, vis was excellant today, cast straight back out only about 10 ft from where i was stood BANG! the supermix doubled over!fish tried to take cover under where i was stood, thought i was into a biggy but only weighed in at 1lb 8 great fun tho, pics to follow (sd card playing up) sorry, really enjoyed this morn and it looks ike johns off to micks to get kitted out, thanks to keith n kev for putting me right on a few matters, ttfn
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