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Think small, think slow, think FISH.
Course and fly fishermen have been doing this for years. Match anglers will scale everything down in cold clear water, fishing pinkies or squats on tiny hooks, using light lines and poles for delicate presentation. Fly anglers use tiny weighted nymphs, to get down deep and find Grayling in cold water. Lure fishing for bass, in its current form, hasn't been around as long as some of these other styles of fishing and as such we've got to look elsewhere for inspiration and target the fish that are there.We haven't, as yet, had the experience that fly fishermen have got, learning from the likes of Halford, Skues and Sawyer etc and that's what makes this fishing so exciting. We're the ones discovering what works and what doesn't. ( Oh and when I say we, I don't mean me....I'm just tagging along :p )

Standing in the river, shaded from the summer sun by dappled leaves, casting a single dry fly to wild brown trout in a tiny stream, or at midnight, casting a self tied fly under the far bank trees, in the pitch blackness, for Sewin fresh run from the sea, or standing on the rocks, washed by the surf, under a leaden sky, working a lure through a kelp fringed gully waiting for the sudden thump of a good bass.........Why would you want to choose one method or technique. I can't and hope to God I never can !! Just make sure they're fit to go back....;)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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