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first one on quantum-what a start--lol

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out yesterday with new quantum energy.nothing doing on plugs so put a 28gr toby on.a few hits on the lure then this greedy little coalie got hold of it.

not what i was looking for but its a start--lol
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A job for LRF.

Why keep waiting for Bass when you have other lure species to target.
It's good practice too.
Well done Peter,

As you say it's a start, let hope they get bigger from here on in !
Well done mate. It's nice to get one on lures again isn't it. I've been out at least once a week for the last month or so but nothing to report. Shouldn't be long though, I've seen birds diving the last few trips out so life is starting to stir up here. Water temp is till 7 - 8 degrees, another month and another couple of degrees and I'll have a lot more confidence.
Love the Blue Quantum - loads of grunt! He was agreedy little devil wasn't he? Well done though - never easy this time of year.
a little bit north of tyne ,its a good spot for bass there to :wink:
lol - nice one!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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