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First there was light, then ultra light, and then.....

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Just spotted some new lures from Duo,
There are the Tetra Works collections, if anyone (else) is looking for some seriously small lures, this might be the place to look

Wealth Warning, looking at these lures may seriously damage your wealth :twisted:
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It's long been the Japanese way to know their species and target them precisely. Lure fishing is an art and a passion for them so, as all fish have to eat, they expend huge amounts of time trying to recreate the perfect artificial bait whether it be a worm, shrimp, frog, butterfly, baitfish, squid, you name it there's a lure out there ready for the job. I've read many a time about pressure fishing for sea bass, what to do when the bass are there but become fussy over what they take. Sometimes we all get too distracted with trying to catch that lunker, peer pressure doesn't help but we do seem to be narrow minded when it comes to catching fish. I think the Japanese have a different view and if there are fish to be caught, large or small, it's all a challenge and it takes a different mind set to target small quarry quite simply because they want to. To many of us the idea of standing on Ferry Bridge with a 120mm tide minnow trying to pull out a lunker from the schoolies would be our only thought, I'm sure the japanese would be round the corner with their ultralight tackle and tiny lures having far more fun catching schoolies on tackle they designed just for that. And in the process filming too with loads of whopping and hollaring and crazy fish playing and little bass jumping and and get the picture. We're stood on the bridge with our rod bars moaning about the bloody 1lb'er that keep hitting or lure that was meant for a 5lb that might just be going past at some point and complaining we're not having fun.

We'll wake up one day and we'll be happy to have a little UL rod that casts up to 4grs, with a 2000 reel and 5lb fluro. We'll be joyous in the fact we've caught and released 50 bass because 'thats what we wanted to do'. These tiny little lures are not designed for us and thats why we need to embrace new ideas, new techniques, new tackle and most of all open our minds to what others have been doing for decades.

Who would like to catch 6" fish on a 1gr lure by the dozen? I do it now and it's great fun, honest it is. Maybe it only me, but I'd love to go ultra light and try and catch more species on lures full stop. Worms, shrimps, crabs, beetles, spiders, the list is endless, i want to try them all and CATCH on them, no matter how small the species.
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