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First there was light, then ultra light, and then.....

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Just spotted some new lures from Duo,
There are the Tetra Works collections, if anyone (else) is looking for some seriously small lures, this might be the place to look

Wealth Warning, looking at these lures may seriously damage your wealth :twisted:
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Bassorama said:
Ummmm stupid question perhaps, but what fish would you target with these tiny lures?
Now you must remember those days when the Bass won't look at the usual size lures then you see one getting caught on bait and it coughs up a dozen fry fish no bigger than an inch in length that's the day you need tiny lures it's all about matching the fry fish that the Bass are feeding on
I have never used hard plastics of this size but have used softs with some success [sections of jelly worms etc]
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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