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First there was light, then ultra light, and then.....

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Just spotted some new lures from Duo,
There are the Tetra Works collections, if anyone (else) is looking for some seriously small lures, this might be the place to look

Wealth Warning, looking at these lures may seriously damage your wealth :twisted:
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wow tiny - Mick has some tiny 5gms in stock - barely the size of my pinkie!
first question - what rod would fish these effectively? can't imagine our "standard" tenryu's being effective?
One of the best days I had this year was hitting 27 schoolies on a 6wt in Chi harbour with Justin Anwyl - was early in the season but pulled my string - such a work rate left me dripping with sweat and cramp in my casting thumb!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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