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First there was light, then ultra light, and then.....

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Just spotted some new lures from Duo,
There are the Tetra Works collections, if anyone (else) is looking for some seriously small lures, this might be the place to look

Wealth Warning, looking at these lures may seriously damage your wealth :twisted:
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hmm, they look great.

Starting to build a 2010 collection as we speak but it all costs money sadly..
Ummmm stupid question perhaps, but what fish would you target with these tiny lures?
Bream, Trigger's, Garfish, Mackerel, Bass, Wrasse, anything else that swims..

Tenryu Injection casts small 3g plugs on 15lb braid so on finer, slicker braids they'll cast
plenty far enough.

This was one of the many tests I performed on said rod when I was lucky enough to get
an extended test.

Not saying It's perfect by any means but, for next season, I'll be using that rod for
small plugs, fly spoons like mepps (for thinlips), spinner, chatter and buzz baits etc.

Got loads of power this rod but, has the finesse to handle lighter stuff.

This is perhaps one area where the japanese rods (the Tenyru's, Jackson, Megabass etc) rods could
deliver. I will tell you this, we've all got access to smaller sea fish. How you choose to either try for them
or not is up to the individual but, on the right gear, Horse Mackerel and other ignored species go like SOAHPS
on the right gear. Gar's on 6 or 8lb gear leap like Marlin given chance..(hook em on a 5#wt fly rod), Triggers ?
Blow your mind stuff (determined fighters, forget Bass) and of course, the Pigs, the Wrasse...

I love Wrasse on lures..

I've heard, these hooks are too small on those lures..., rubbish !
Coming from a coarse background, most sea hooks are WAY TOO BIG. hooksets are harder, bites fewer, lines
needed to drive them home heavier on bigger hooks.

I've taken 4lb Chub on size 26 hooks and single joker to 12 oz bottoms. Get the right rod, right drag setting etc
and you'll...

get more bites, hooksets are way easier and stronger (smaller gape is harder to bend out for equivalent wire size) and set the drag
lighter. 1 1/2lb drag will stop anything if you play th fish right. I don't see many sea anglers PLAY fish, it's either a lost art or
one that was never there.

I have fished in our Harbour, with 6lb mono leader to tiny xlayers drop shotted in 30 ft of water under the lights..
small pouting, pollack, scad etc pull my string and, I love it..

Small plugs will catch big and small fish. Same probably isn't true of bigger plugs (which are, by their nature, more focused)

I'm going to go tonight now I've wrote that just because..., I can..

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