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Fishing at Weymouth today

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I went down to portland early this morning,i fished my local spots and managed to catch a bass of 4lb 5oz.
While i was there i meet mark333 fish dorset and graham hill,they were not so lucky, but we did see a few other fish .
I am looking at going down again weather permitting on tue, if any one wants to meet me give me a pm.
i will put the picture on later.
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Nice work, Hound Dog! Look forward to the pic - that's a better fish than I managed all season :cry: Wonder why Mark & Graham were on Portland rather than Chesil??
ahhhh nice one Steve :D
Nice one Steve.
Well done on braving the roads and the weather Steve, nice fish too. I think you made the correct choice of location bud, Gower was pants today :bangin:
Cracking work . . . . a lovely sized fish at any time of year . . . particularly good in December !!
Well done mate... That must of went down well.. U stuffing the pro'
Here is the picture 4lb 5oz on a zonk 120

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He looks a right porker !!!! Excellent work !!
Nice fish steve, well earned i bet!
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice :D
Nice fish, Hound Dog!

Any bass is well earned at this time of year and the fact it's blinking freezing out there. But to get a fatty like that makes it especially good.
very well done nice early christmas preasant, wish i could get them still up here
Well done Steve, i hear there were loads of dolphins chasing the sprats too, so it turned out to be a very nice day.. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Yes it was great to see at one time there must have been 30-40 ,even the pilot boat stayed to watch.
fat little fella! - nice one Steve !
Sounds like a great day out, bass and dolphins! Well done!
Nice job HoundDog, :clap: :clap: :clap:
Well done Steve, awesome fish esp in december, and thank you for talking to a guy on Portland, he phoned me today and ordered 4 Zonks, luvly jubly.
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