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Float fishing soft plastics

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Another little soft plastic trick i have picked up is to use a leadhead to cock the float this way the soft plastic will be held level whilst fishing
I have my own moulds for leadhead's up to 3oz so i can use big floats and get them working rips etc
think about things as a challenge not a problem
hope this helps dai
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good man, it can be a great method in rips and constrictions.
try swinging the float over the run too.
Was going to keep this quiet (even though its probably already been done), but if you're fishing in to a fast current, check out the Calusso Floats. With your jighead idea Dai, weighted to match the size of float, you should be able to hold your lure stationary, let it go with the current, or even run across the current (away from you) if you use a long enough rod to control it.

Imagine that with a shad presented in the current.................
Now that could well be a plan if you could get it running across current i know a few spots where that may just work

EDIT dont forget you can always use a fly below a float as well have a long drop to your leadhead tie a water knot loop between the float and leadhead tie a fly of your choice to the cut loop
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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