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Any info regarding fishing from the shore in the sarasota/florida area with the fly gear, im/where going to a wedding so i thought the fly rod better come too and which flys

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When Iestyn (Mr Zzippy) comes online, he may be able to give you some pointers Mark, as i know he's done some tarpon fishing in florida on the fly (150lber) :eek: :shock: :eek:
I'll pop this thread into the welcome & chat section, later, unless someone wants to pop it over please. Good question though, hope you get the info required.
Definately take the fly gear (and maybe some light spin gear). Inshore you are looking at Redfish, Snook, Small Jacks, Small tarpon, Ladyfish, and loads of others. Baitfish and shrimp patterns size 6-1/0.
I have been to Florida many times with my fishing gear, travel spinningrods though never fly fished there. Plenty to aim for as Dave says above. Dawn/dusk was always better for me on the beaches and inlets, they can get very busy during the day. Look on for local tackle shops and mail them for info. Also look at loads of useful info on there.

Good luck.
Guys I quite often work in Florida North and South, when ever I'm there my four piece rods go with me (fly and spin) so If any one would like any pointers let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Some tips
Guides are $500 bucks plus for the day make sure you go on personal recomendation and its not always the best way to have some fun.
Target species over there are Tarpon, Bone Fish, Red Fish and Snook all are fantastic to catch my all time favorite is the Redfish,although you may only get "one or two shots" at fish in the day (sight fishing) that said "trash fish" ie Jacks, Lady Fish, Mangrove Snapper, Blue Runners, Bonnet Head Sharks e.t.c are brilliant to catch plus you save yourself $500 all will take Flies, Lures and esp Live Shrimp which you can get at any Tackle Store you will catch these fish from any Bridge or Dock or in most towns there are stores that hire out Yaks.....great fun.
A lot of fish have sharp spines there is a fish called a Leather Jacket ( not a Aus trigger fish) familiarise yourself with it its very common and it has a series of spines around the anal fin, same pain as a Weever, dont touch em!
If any of you guys end up in the "Keys" let me know I have a good mate who is a guide and was born and bred will get value for money and he will put you on fish and really likes the serious shallow water stuff.

A.T.B Chris
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Thanks guys i need to get some decent flys of Andy me thinks :D

150lbs tarpon holy crap that would be something else, best fish ive had is a 90lbs tuna of madeira with a broom shaft of a rod
150lb Tarpon, try 200lb. Or for the really keen West Afirca where they have been taken to 350 (ish) lb.
But on light tackle, or fly brilliant fun at 5-30lb, Just make sure your hooks are cutting sharp.
Mark C said:
Thanks guys i need to get some decent flys of Andy me thinks :D

150lbs tarpon holy crap that would be something else, best fish ive had is a 90lbs tuna of madeira with a broom shaft of a rod
I'm sure Iestyn wont mind me showing the pic of his catch in florida...

AWESOME or what??? :jump:
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I felt a motion in me trouses,
be nice if there near the beach where where stopping , but there again im the only one driving some fish that
Hi sorry this is a late reply, only just seen this thread.If it's not too late Check out my photo's and some of the info in the international catch reports(florida/cuba 2009).
Baitfish there are 2-5inches long silver bellied green backs,try too match them with your fly, i'll try and post a pic of them.
Hope This Helps Nathan.
Some bait fish too catch or match-

Some potential rewards-

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Cheers mate
Cant say ive used the cast nets but theres a first for every thing
Love Jacks I do - pitbull of the tropics it is !
Just to revive this thread, its 3 weeks before we go to florida im just finishing some jobs around the house and sorting out my fly gear to take with me, i think ill buy a rod while im over there for a spot of plugging ?,

Nathan bell could you pm me regards florida

cheers mark
Hi Mark

Have holidayed with the family in this area a few times

A good spot to fish is the top of anna maria island early or late

Chartreuse cluosers in different sizes good.

Also the flats below the 7 mile bridge are interesting

North of the bridge ford de soto park is good

I would advise fishing the low tide up if you can as the fish are easier to locate

Do use a spinning rod and live shrimp or dig sand fleas out of the sandy banks at anna maria

Yuo will catch whiting and pompano as well as sea trout on these and it will give you confidence in using the fly

If you have access to a private dock lit at night it can also be very interesting

pm me if you want to chat about this more
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cheers bill
Hi Mark not long now! I fly out on the 6th of November, can't wait!
Feel free to ask any questions mate or send me a p.m if you prefer.
I'll try and be of help!
hi guys,i travel out to florida for my annual fix on 27th dec for nearly a month this year.we are doing the disney type thing for a few days then travelling down to marco island for a week,then we are going to marathon in the keys for two weeks.i have been to the gulf coast for a few years now,but have not been to marco before.also we normally stay at key largo so any info on worthwhile areas around marathon ,guides etc welcome
Well guys see you in 3 weeks, were setting off at 5am going to visit brighton area first before we head to gatwick worth then get the shuttle to gatwick airport to fly on tuesday.

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