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So other week me and my American English mate popped over to the Dorset stour and avon for a morning.

Great fun, first proper session out with almost UL gear, in the search mainly for pike but also perch.

Issue I had was fishing the fast flowing river.

I obviously get that I should be finding slacker water, where fish would hold up around the flow, but is there any other way of fishing faster flowing rivers?

I threw a few crank baits but the flow made them, in my mind look unnatural.
The small and more flowing creature and soft baits were all over the show.
It wasn't until we got to under a bridge did we find fish.
Is it a case of just forgetting the fast flowing sections or is there a way I can maximise my fishing in this type of water?

May I also add that the river beds are a wash with long reeds flowing as well.. night mare for bare hooks!
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