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Fly fishing for seabass - First Steps

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Hello everyone.

I'm very keen on starting to do some saltwater fly fishing for seabass.

Has you may know, I'm still a novice so I would like to ask you veterans the following questions:

- What type of rods do you use, and reels.

- What type of line (floating, sinking)?

- What castings do you often use ( If you guys can post some videos about some nice fly casting techniques it would be a bliss :)

- And what kind of flie patterns you guys use (and where to get them!).

Thank you all for your kind attention :)
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Start here for flycasting and work through. The best resource on the internet. If you can get some lessons from a qualified flycasting instructor it will give you a huge advantage. Its all about muscle memory. Better to learn right first time than to have to re-train yourself out of bad habits.

I've not done much flyfishing for bass but when I have the best fly for fishing amongst small baitfish has been the sparse olive white DNA clouser. Very easy to tie if you want to start doing this as well.

I'd reccommend a Rio Striped Bass Intermediate line to match the rod. For a rod if you can find a Redington CPS in a 7 or 8 this would be perfect. They're discontinued now but you may be able to find some old stock for a very good price. For reels it doesn't really matter as bass won't run far but they need to be saltwater proof. If you're likely to fish for bonefish as well try a Lamson reel. They're pretty good and not too expensive if you order from the states.

Good luck and let us know how you go!
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What depth of water are you intending to fly fish in????

If you are fishing fairly shallow water I would use a floating, ghost tip or intermediate fly lines. A clear 15lb leader of between 2 & 3 metres long. Clouser type flies from 50mm to 125mm in length. An 8, 9 or 10 weight rod of 2.7 to 3.0 metres in length & any suitable reel of the correct line rating. Some braid or mono backing for the fly reel & you are off.
Start with a 9wt
get a floating WF line

make sure the rod isn't too fast.

Buy some flies from Andy Elliot. Flatwings, rayflies and clousers (hence the middle actioned rod) fast rods are too tight with weighted flies IMHO and a night, should you fish at night, a liability.

For casting, learn to double haul and learn some single handed spey casts, especially the double and the snake roll.
Very useful for fishing in darkness at consistent range.
Thank's lads for the advices, I'll try to put them to good use!
Just had these turn up in my Inbox. They certainly look the part, to me. Then again, I know less about fly fishing than I do about theoretical quantum physics!!
Well said professor.......
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