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Fly leader

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fly Corner' started by {name}, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Blenny

    Just got into fly fishing this year totally new to me. Just wondering how long of a leader I need also what are the best saltwater flies for me to get. I have bought a few decievers are they ok .
  2. Pollock Supporting Member

    Definitely use a tapered leader (terminating in 12lb would be fine) as it can really help turn flies over. Pretty much any proprietary brand will be fine (Greys ones are good and not too expensive). Mono ones are fine, you won't need flouro. Match it up with some tippet for replacing the end to stop the leader over-shortening as you change flies and begin to whittle it down.


    Found this in the archives. 9'? Have a look for more there.
  3. Blanker

    New Jersey
    Here are some of the excellent saltwater flies ever tied, promising the form of catches you’re hoping for.
    If you're hoping to take your fly fishing capabilities to the saltwater area, but, you will need to change your tack a piece. In trendy, saltwater fly fishing is predicated lots more on wet flies or streamers – flies that sink beneath the floor of the water – than it does at the dry flies that go with the flow on top of the surface to entice fish. Flies that mimic baitfish species stay vital, however, you will also have to take a look at moist flies that imitate other oceanic presences – shrimp and crab, especially. need more info visit
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  4. Snapper

    Netherlands Antilles
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